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Our professional children's stage show is a unique way to entertain your guests with our show including Old Fashioned Storytelling featuring Puppetry and Face Painting.


Join our Children's Stage Show performer as they tell a spooky tale of smelly gremlins, friendship, and coming home. Come huddle by the gypsy camp-fire for an intriguing tale of adventure. Join the gypsy bard and her cat Magnolia, who in between naps treks to the other world seeking out her missing human companion, with smelly gremlins fast on her trail! She encounters an ancient golden turtle, a merry shoemaker and must solve a mysterious riddle to find her way through the dark forest and home again.


As the little cat grows bolder and wiser, will she return as a cat or transform into something else… Old-fashioned storytelling at it’s best featuring hand and shadow puppetry, A little bit spooky and a lot of fun!



Entertainment Emporium are designers of Corporate Kids Entertainment

We come with over a decade of experience in kids entertainment for the whole family.


Our corporate entertainment events have dazzled families across Melbourne, Sydney, Perth Adelaide, Brisbane and Canberra.


We have found, trained and gathered together with the most talented kids entertainers across Australia.


Our corporate events have included:

Bring your kids to work days, corporate Christmas parties, Easter entertainers, brand activations, Halloween entertainment, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, school holiday programs, sporting events and store openings. 


Our talent lies in understanding how to elevate your brand through the lens of entertainment and imagination.  


Corporate Kids Entertainment is our favorite thing to do. 


Get in touch today to see how we can work with your brand to create an unforgettable experience for the whole family. 


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