Mermaid Ariel Party Sydney

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An underwater princess with a voice so beautiful it has the power to turn her from a Mermaid to a real life princess. She's beautiful and courageous, with an unforgettable sound track and an amazing sea bound story of love, adventure and all fun characters Under the Sea. Our Ariel's are played by professional entertainers who are experts in keeping children happy and engaged. They will make the room feel like an enchanted underwater palace with their unique blend of storytelling, magic, games, dancing, a treasure hunt, balloons and face painting.

Your 1 hour party will include:

Beautiful Mermaid Ariel performer in full costume

Themed storytelling

Magic spell

Themed games and prizes

Music and dancing

Treasure hunt



Your 1.5 hour party will include all of the above plus:

Face painting

Extra games

2 hour parties also available including:

More detailed face painting

Suitable for large parties with over 20 kids

All children's entertainers have working with children checks and have trained with under the guidance of a professional actor and drama teacher.At Entertainment Emporium our children's entertainers perform regularly at birthday parties, corporate events, festivals, fairs, and shopping centres. If you want the best party "Under The Sea" then you'll love having one of our Perth Mermaid Ariel Party Hosts at your event.

The best part is, you the parent don’t have to do anything except relax and enjoy the party!

We do get completely booked out on the weekend so to secure your very own Ariel to be "Part of your World" then make sure you book ahead.

PS. Despite our best efforts to be as realistic as possible, all Princess Ariel Performers come with feet.