The benefits of hiring a professional kids party entertainer

Hosting a kids party?

Looking for some entertainment? Not sure if it’s a good idea or waste of money? Worries about the kids running around and getting out of control?

Kids party entertainers can be a real help to take the stress out of keeping the kids occupied and having a good time.

The benefits of a having a GREAT party entertainers is like the difference between eating a stale old chocolate brownie and one fresh from the oven

A GREAT kids party entertainer will arrive early at your house or party venue and gather the kids straight away. They’ll engage them with some themed storytelling. So if it’s a pirate party or princess party or maybe even your kids favourite superhero, the party should start off with a bang! Kids love storytelling and when you incorporate magic, puppets and jokes into that story well you’ll find the kids are absolutely captivated.

The second part of a great kids party is themed games. The games should be themed to your event and include some training of the particular character. For example if you are having a superhero party all the kids will be taught some brave and heroic superhero moves.

if your theme is a princess party the kids will be taught how to walk like a princess, talk, smile, laugh and most importantly be brave like a princess.

Kids love to do character work and hiring a professional kids party entertainer means they get to engage with their favourite characters first hand.

Themed prizes are another great aspect to look out for when hiring a kids party entertainer. Brilliant prizes that kids love include tattoos, stickers, balloons, glo stick bracelets. So much fun!

Some kids party entertainers create a treasure hunt and this can be the best part of the party. The excitement and suspense of a treasure hunt is something kids adore and a great kids party entertainer will organise this firstly on arrival and build up to it throughout the party. At the end the kids party entertainers will make sure every kid gets some treasure and everybody has a turn at getting a clue.

A good way to finish up is with face painting or balloon bending. Kids party entertainers should be able to do both and ask which one or both the child and family would prefer.

It’s always good for the kids party entertainer to leave with the child getting their photo taken to remember the happy occasion for years to come.

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Until then

May you have love, laughter and magic.