Superhero Parties – Superhero Party Games and Activities

Once you have the decorations done, party food sorted and the cake iced you are only left with organizing the party games and activities for superhero parties. Superhero parties should be creative and an exciting way to celebrate your kid’s birthday. The magnificence of superheroes holds immense appeal for most kids. Party games and activities arranged for superhero parties is a great way to make kids feel like the superheroes.

Costume Contest can be an excellent start for superhero parties where you can ask your guests to come to the party dressed in a superhero costume. The missing cake caper can be an exciting activity for superhero parties. Create clues on note cards with instructions that will guide the superhero kids to the missing birthday cake. An obstacle course for your superheroes will allow them to show off their superpowers. Superhero parties look lively, exciting and fun-filled with these activities. Let the kids create their own comic adventures that tell a story about their favourite superhero.

The Kryptonite cave game played with music is a brilliant activity for superhero parties. Kids crawl through the cave, until the music stops and the kid in between gets caught inside the cave. The superhero memory game can have the birthday kid play a trick on his/her guests by pretending to have super powers. Guests will surely be amazed by the display of super powers of the birthday kid in this activity. A variant of the Pin the Tail on the Donkey can be planned for superhero parties where you can ask your guests to Pin the superhero symbol. A close interaction with their favourite superhero will surely makes it an exciting and brilliant activity. Treasure hunt is always an all time favourite for kids where you scatter a series of clues around the house. You can add a superhero twist to this activity by pretending that the superhero kids are chasing a bad guy. Use your imagination and plan innovative party games and activities for superhero parties.