Princess parties – Exciting and Fun Games

Creative party theme ideas for children’s birthday party involves invitations, decorations, cakes and fun activities. Princess parties are extremely popular among kids and includes many exciting fun activities which complements the theme. One of the fun games which can be compared with wink murder is the Sleeping Princess game. It’s a very simple game where one of the girls need to play the role of the Court Jester. One of the girls play the role of the Evil Queen who needs to wink at every other player except the Court Jester and shouldn’t be seen by the Court Jester. The Court Jester needs to identify the Evil Queen before all the players are winked at. Storytelling is a fun activity which can keep your guests engaged. Princess Idol can be a lot of fun where everyone needs to act like a princess for a particular period of time. They also need to compete with others’ performance and the judge panel decides the best performer. Princess Secret is another fun game which is quite common in Princess parties. Every player needs to put a secret onto a piece of paper and place it inside a hat. Each girl needs to remove the secret from the hat while other players need to find out the secret with questions that can be only answered by a Yes or No. Musical chair’s theme can be used for Musical thrones so that it suits well with Princess parties theme. On each round, one throne is removed, with the last girl seated on the throne declared as the princess.