Pirate Party – Unique Pirate Party Games

Planning for a fun filled pirate party for your little buccaneers? Ahoy Mateys! You have hit treasure with this article, because this will provide ideas for unique pirate party games which will keep your guests involved and entertained. Entertainment Emporium’s pirate party offers so much fun that your guests will not stop laughing. Our pirates are professionally trained and vastly experienced. With their mysterious stories from the sea and magic tricks, they are extremely popular with the kids. The birthday child is made to feel extra special because they receive extra treasure on their special day.

Pirate Party is all about fun and hence looks incomplete without pirate party games. Lets know more about the different innovative and unique pirate party game ideas. The games are perfectly suited for 5-9 aged kids but are flexible enough and can be easily customized as per the age group.

Walk the Plank: In this you need to have a plank constructed as per the age group. The board can be either flat or elevated. You can add extra elements like a blue tarp for water, sea creatures, sharks etc for that real feel of the sea. Next, you can ask your little buccaneers to walk the plank without falling into the water.

Cannonball Blast: This party game is extremely popular among kids and works perfectly for a pirate party as well. For this, you need to tie inflated balloons to each kid’s ankle. The kids have to explode other’s ‘cannonballs’ while keeping their own balloons safe.

Treasure Chest: You can keep many treasure chests lined up and the kids need to toss gold coins into the containers. Different chests will carry different point values.

Pirate Attack: One of the most popular, exciting and adventurous pirate party game. In this, you have to divide your guests into two teams and then provide a set of cannonballs i.e. crumpled newspaper or wiffle balls to each team. Goal will be to send as many cannon balls possible into your opposition’s ship.

No pirate party can be complete without a treasure hunt. You need to place clues at strategic locations, which will lead to the final treasure. The treasure chest can be filled with goodies which will be relished by the kids.