Pirate Party – Planning for an Amazing Pirate Themed Party

Since the success of the popular Pirates of Caribbean, children are always clamouring for Pirate themed birthday parties. Throwing a Pirate Party isn’t difficult because Entertainment Emporium provides excellent party supplies for props and decoration required for a successful Pirate Party. Kids can dress up as pirates and indulge in various pirate games. Lets discuss about the ideas which can help you plan and throw a pirate party effortlessly.

Decorations: Pirate hats, eye patches or pirate bandanas along with the pirate flags are extremely important party supplies for a pirate themed party. For an amazing Pirate party you need myriad decorating supplies which includes Treasure chests, Anchor chain, Table centrepiece, Welcome sign etc.

Invitations: Pirate Party invitations can be best prepared at home where you make rolled up invitations inside a bottle or tied with strings. Dress code for a pirate party can be kept simple i.e. striped shirt, cuffed pants and a bandana.

Party Games: Games in a pirate party can be a lot of fun. Treasure hunts are always popular among kids with the maps hidden in different locations, where each map contains directions for the next clue. There can be so many other pirate party games like Pin the Eye patch on the pirate, Sword battle etc.

Snacks: Hard tack, Meat pie, Swedish fish or fish sticks along with regular pirate party food supplies like pizza, chips, pretzels etc. makes a great menu for a pirate party. Pirate related party songs and regular music which can be enjoyed by guests belonging to various age groups.

Pirate themed goody bags containing candy, stickers, jewellery can make it extremely exciting for kids.

With innovative ideas for a pirate party, kids will have a lot of fun at your pirate themed party. The basic idea would be to incorporate as much pirate ideas into the pirate party to guarantee a fun-filled, exciting and exhilarating experience for the guests.