Pirate Party for Kids – Decorating and Food Ideas

Head for the high seas with Pirate’s Treasure Party Supplies. The Pirate Party is one of the most popular kids parties ever, so our big list of Pirate Parties only includes the best birthday party planning ideas which can guarantee fun and entertainment. Ahoy Mateys! Getting ready to throw a pirate party for your little buccaneers? Are you looking for a PirateParty for Kids? Then, you have struck gold, because Entertainment Emporium can deliver the best Pirate-themed parties where your guests can have a great time.

Let’s discuss some of the most popular decorating and food ideas for a Pirate themed party.

Decorating Ideas for a Pirate Party

To get your guests in the mood for buried treasure and sea battles, consider these options for decorations:

Make white flags with white skull and cross bones using white fabric and black electrical tape. Place at the entrance and around the backyard.

Use black fabric cotton as a tablecloth and sprinkle with gold chocolate coins.

Create a treasure table centrepiece. Spray paint a small chest, and other treasure items like goblets and vases. Place china, goblets, vases, gold chocolate coins and costume jewellery in and around the chest.

Hang fishing nets from the walls and ceiling.

Perch a stuffed parrot on a table, chair, or shelf in the party area. Food Ideas for a Pirate Party

Get creative with your party food by serving theme-specific treats. For a Pirate Party, consider the following ideas:

Make a pirate face birthday cake and pirate ship birthday

Cupcakes – decorate each cupcake with liquorice cross bones and wriggly snakes

Cook seashell-shaped pasta and spinach linguini and serve chilled with a little butter. Call it “Seaweed & Shells Pasta.”

The Pirate Party for kids will have lots of high sea fun with pirate themed games, decorations, activities and food.