Merry Ideas for a Rocking Kid’s Party

Kids nowadays seem to have it made. This thought might have struck you several times. It is not a stray thought though. Neither is it a figment of your imagination. Children today have a comparatively easier time than you had when you were a kid. If you did a quick comparison, you would find it easy to accept this. At school, the roles and responsibilities of teachers have evolved – as have teaching techniques. Thus, teachers today are friendlier and more approachable. Their advanced levels of training enable them to bring out the best in your child. Therefore, if a child is different from the rest in the class, an inclusive teacher makes the child feel at ease. Contrast this with the random punishments meted out to laggards in your days.

When it comes to homework, assignments and projects, children today have access to an endless stream of information i.e. the internet. When in school, you might have had to slog for completing your holiday activity or project. Thinking about it, might even have dampened your holidays somewhat. Today, the internet gives you all the information you need – without your having to step out of the house. Similarly, the average disco party for kids today can easily compete with a wedding in terms of lavishness and grandeur. Matching the scale of such a lavish kid’s disco party could be difficult. It would also end up burning a hole in your wallet.

Many children’s parties today focus on a popular theme. This theme sets the tone for the event. For boys, a superhero party or a pirate party remain the most popular in current times. Similarly, girls usually relish a fairy party or a princess party – depending on their individual preferences. The theme helps in deciding the format of the party invitation, the food, the goody bags, the costumes. Above all, the theme helps finalise the games and activities too. These games and activities remain the pivot around which the party revolves. In most cases, they occupy the time before and after you hand out the snacks and drinks. You might spend a lot of money on those refreshments. Nevertheless, make no mistake, kids attending the party will remember it for the fun they had. In other words, the games and activities you plan will be the parameters that make (or break) your kid’s party.

If you plan to host the party at your home with only a few visitors attending, you can probably get away with some “tried and tested” games and fun activities. These could include activities like:

Musical Chairs: An evergreen favourite, this activity does not require any special items or set-ups. Simply arrange the chairs and let the music play.

Piñatas: Piñatas have a rich tradition dating back to several centuries. To adapt it to your requirements, simply assemble your piñata, decorate it, fill it with the goodies and hang it at a convenient place. Then, let the kids take over. Catch Me If You Can: If you have a reasonably sized lawn, you can let the kids run wild (quite literally) with this activity.

Treasure Hunts: For eliciting complete participation, treasure hunts work like nothing else does. Design the clues, place the subsequent clues in the appropriate locations and let the kids play detective.

Miscellaneous Activities: These could include games like “Pin the Tail”, “Pass the Parcel”, “Simon Says” etc. It could also include fun activities like blowing or chasing bubbles, playing with water balloons, setting up obstacle courses etc.

For larger gatherings, you would need to consider the agenda for children’s party entertainment. Keeping a lookout for good kid’s entertainers and performers is not too difficult in the internet age. However, you would need to verify their credentials before bringing them on board. Quite a few performers and entertainers brag about their proven track records, credentials and qualifications. However, not all of them will hold water when it comes to entertaining the kids. As mentioned before, the right entertainment will make your party a grand success. Equally, an inept entertainer could make your kid’s party entertainment a dampening affair. It could also take the spark out of an otherwise fantastic party.

When you need help in organising the party for your child’s special day, approaching the Entertainment Emporium for Kids is your best bet. We have a vast and diverse experience in organising such parties and events. We also have a handpicked assortment of extremely skilled and professional performers with impeccable credentials. Thus, when it comes to references or verifying the credentials of our affiliated performers, you can rest assured.

We also have a range of party packages – from one to two hours – that complements our superlative entertainment performers. Thus, you can easily select a time slot that works for you. Moreover, you can choose the entertainment package that your kids will love. Some of our character and disco party packages include:

Dramatic and interactive storytelling

Magic shows

Themed games


Face painting

Dancing and music

With us at the helm, you can rest assured that your kid’s party will be as special and memorable as you want it to be. Tell us your requirements at 0415 103 628. We will work out the details and revert with a show that will live on in the memories of all the attendees…