Marvellous Entertainers for the Magical World of Children

Kiddie parties are no longer childish affairs. Gone are the days when some balloons, an assortment of games, a birthday cake and some friends made a birthday party special. A decade or so ago, hiring someone for children’s party entertainment would have been unthinkable. This is even more so when you consider the cost of a professional entertainer at a kid’s disco party. However, it is an undeniable truth today. The rise in standards of living (and incomes) has led to a corresponding increase in the demands brought about by modern lifestyles.

Children today are more aware of events than the children from earlier generations were. Modern lifestyles have also led to children growing up faster than before. For example, bragging over social media brings along a considerable amount of peer pressure. This manifests itself in children’s excessive demands for ‘special days’. Consequently, parents oblige their kids with more elaborate parties. In fact, this phenomenon has spawned off a new industry altogether. It has led to the emergence of professionals providing children’s party entertainment. It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that the world of a child increasingly mirrors the world of an adult nowadays.

Organising children’s fairy parties remains centred on two main aspects. These are the venue and the entertainment options. The rules for finding a venue for a kid’s disco party are not very different from finding a party venue in normal circumstances. You need to scout a list of options and check their availability. The number of people attending the party would give you an idea of the seating capacity of the venue. If you plan to conduct games, there should be adequate outdoor space. In fact, you could even consult with friends or colleagues about suitable venues for staging a pirate party or a princess party. Many of them would be able to give you their feedback on venues they have been to. Thus, you could learn from their experiences and avoid similar problematic venues.

Finding suitable entertainers for children’s party entertainment is not too difficult either. At the time of preparing the invitations for the party, you would know the approximate ages of the children. This would help you categorise them into different age groups. Thus, all that remains for you to do is to find entertainers appropriate for those age groups. A quick search on the internet could give you several options – given that children’s entertainment is an industry nowadays. Equally, you could even consult the manager of the venue. As they host parties regularly, they would be able to give you contact information for several kid’s performers.

If you’re planning a children’s party and need someone to organise it for you, the Entertainment Emporium is what you need. With years of experience in providing children’s entertainment, we offer a variety of excellent performers that enhance the aura of your child’s party. Children can be very demanding clients. Therefore, we offer a variety of party packages to suit your needs. Moreover, our portfolio of skilled and superhuman performers ensures that every child has a memorable party on their special day. Consider the types of performers and performances we have. These include:

Circus performers


Stage shows

Roller skaters

Photo booths

Face painters

Kids DJs

Craft workshops

Stilt walkers


Roving performers

In short, we can guarantee that we have the performers who can keep the children enthralled and delighted with their acts.

Superheroes and their superhuman feats capture the attention of children very easily. In the world of providing children’s entertainment, the Entertainment Emporium is no less heroic. Call us at 0415 103 628 and tell us your requirements. Our expertise in organising a special party for your special child will give you the satisfaction you’re looking for, without the accompanying headaches