Magical Characters from Fantasy at Your Kid’s Party

Birthdays and other special occasions or achievements call for a party – especially when it comes to kids. They say that truth is stranger than fiction. If you could travel back into time, you would be able to see the change in lifestyles and norms. For example, go back to the times when you were a kid. A disco party for kids or a simple birthday party for kids was never as common (or expected) as it is today. Now, go further back into time. Alternatively, reflect over a conversation you had with your grandparents. They would have told you about “those good, old days” in their times. Kids in those days hardly had parties as frequently as they seem to now – they would have said. They might even have mentioned that parents find it harder to organise a kids’ disco party or a princess party than a party for an adult audience. This is a sign of how things have changed over the years. Today, kids have parties that stress their parents out completely…

Parties are no longer those simple affairs comprising of a few friends from the neighbourhood and school. They no longer are about simple meals and sumptuous cakes and pastries. They are no longer about the birthday boy or girl receiving gifts only, without any expectations of return gifts. Your kids will probably throw a tantrum if you don’t consult them about the theme for their birthday party. Themes used to denote words that brought to mind prose and poetry lessons. Today, they stand for the entire atmosphere surrounding a kid’s disco party.

Pirates, fairies, princes and princesses, superheroes and wizards – all of them originated from the stories you read as a child. At the time, did you ever consider that you would ever tire of them? Alternatively, did you ever pause and reflect that someday, these magical creatures from fantasy would raise your stress levels – if not, your blood pressure? These fantastic characters from mythical lands have today become symbols of kids’ parties. Thus, you would have a fairy party or a princess party for girls. Boys would be more interested in a pirate party or a superhero party.

The worst part of having these themed parties is not that these magical people will not show up at your doorstep – thus fulfilling a long-cherished childhood dream. The worst part is that these famed guests will show up at your doorstep and keep demanding things from you. Life is certainly not fair when you have to conjure up things for fairies and superheroes…

When you need to organise a children’s party in Australia, you could follow two approaches. The first involves making all the preparations yourself – weeks in advance. By the time the big day comes, you could well be too weary to enjoy the occasion. The other approach lies in getting professional help. The Entertainment Emporium can give you peace of mind. It can also give your child a grand party for a special occasion.

We have years of experience in providing children’s entertainment. This does not just cover the performers affiliated with us. It also includes the setting you need for the party. Therefore, for a disco party we come equipped with a PA machine, lights, a smoke machine, bubbles etc. After all, the setting is what enhances the atmosphere of the party, isn’t it? Further, our entertainers are trained professionals who can keep your children entertained throughout the occasion. This means that you have more time to observe, participate and enjoy the occasion, instead of fretting over it. Our range of performers and entertainers include:

Circus performers

Stage shows

Roller skaters

Photo booths

Face painters

Kids DJs

Craft workshops

Stilt walkers


Roving performers

Therefore, simply tell us the kind of party you need and let us take over the reins.

In the good, old days, parents were guiding authorities who taught their kids the rights and wrongs of life. Today, parenting has become more participative and less authoritative. Being a good parent today means spending time and sharing in your child’s experiences. Participating in your child’s birthday party – instead of fretting over it – could be a foundation for the future.