Kids Disco Party – Party Games for an amazing Disco Party

Why not head back to the 70s with Kids disco party for your child featuring disco balls, platform shoes and bell-bottomed pants. The retro styled look can be well complemented with a horde of party games. Make things exciting yet keeping it safe by setting up a disco ball with flashing lights in your party hall for kids disco party. Entertainment Emporium have put together all the party supplies required for the best kids disco party. The kids disco party will allow your kid to showcase their singing and dancing talent. With smoke machine and bubble blowers, you can set the stage for a perfect kids disco party.

Disco costume contest can be held to award the guests on the basis of best dressed, big hair, platform shoes, leisure suits or anything that can recreate the magic of the 70s. You can also ask the kids to learn and perform on any popular disco number and decide the winner based on points given by the judge. Passing the glow stick is another fun activity for a Kids disco party where the kids need to pass the neon glow sticks in a circle as the music is played. Once the music stops, the child holding the glow stick is out of the game. This continues until one child is left, who is declared the winner.

The Disco ball toss is a fun filled activity where the kids are given three disco balls which needs to be tossed inside a bucket. A kids disco party is incomplete without a dance contest wherein kids need to complete the steps properly. Playing jacks is another option to keep your guests indulged in a kids disco party. You can send your guests with disco themed goodies which will make the kids disco party memorable for all the kids.