How to hire a talented entertainer for your kids party

It’s true there are a lot of kids party entertainment companies in every major capital city in Australia including, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane.

How do you know you are choosing a great kids party entertainer?

What are the tell tale signs of a good party entertainment business?

When choosing entertainment for your kids party it’s important to look for the following:

Great photos of the kids party entertainers.

These photos could include photos of the actual kids party performers, photos of the kids party costumes and photos of actual kids parties. This could include social media and the kids party website.

You also need to look at the quality of the kids party costumes. Kids party costumes such as fairy kids party, superhero kids party or princess kids party costumes can really vary in quality. Many kids party businesses opt for cheap kids party costumes and cheap wigs and this can deliver an inauthentic experience for your child. Having the right kids party entertainer in a quality costume can make a huge difference to the atmosphere, effect and experience for your child’s party entertainment.

You also need to ask about the qualifications of the kids party entertainers.

Important factors in kids entertainer experience include:

An acting degree

Previous kids party experience

Teaching experience

Experience in kids entertainment skills such as circus, magic, face painting and balloon modelling.

Many of our performers at Entertainment Emporium 4 Kids have experience in all of these. Plus they have been trained by Chief Entertainment Officer Emma Kenyon who has a degree in performance and education with skills in circus, magic and face painting.

Also it is important that the kids party entertainer can act and perform like the chosen character. For example if choosing Captain America then Captain America should have an American accent and perform like the real Captain America. The same goes if you have a princess party or fairy party. The performer should brave like a real princess. Trust me many of our kids party entertainers do behave like real princesses!!

Lastly of course you should look for good reviews and testimonials. Look for a good range and for recent testimonials.

So armed with all of this information you can go and book great kids party entertainment. If you would like some more helpful tips or ideas or to book a kids party then check this out: We do kids parties in:

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