Fairy Parties – Innovative Ideas for Kid’s Fairy Parties

Fairy parties are extremely popular amongst kids especially girls. Before planning for fairy parties, you can find out which fairy is your daughter’s favourite and then create a theme around that fairy. Fairy parties are filled with entertainment, innocence and wonderment. Create the perfect fairy party with beautiful pixies, cupcakes topped with sweet spring blossoms, and flower fairies to play with and take home. Fairy parties can be easy to plan and definitely provide a lot of entertainment and fun.

Fairy themed party invitations can be quite easy to create. Things to get would be card stock, sequins, glitter, glue and a pen. You can create lovely borders on the invitation card using the glue and sequins. You can also sprinkle some glitter inside the invitation envelope. You can also use Bubble blowers for fairy parties which sets the mood of excitement for the arriving guests. Depending on your kid’s favourite you can choose the colours i.e. for kids loving Tinkerbell, you can use colours of green, blue and yellow for fairy parties. For fairy parties you can also arrange for the wings, wands and the crowns which the girls can wear and take home. Fun games are extremely important for creating magic in fairy parties. Be savvy to make sure that your guests have a gala time during the activities. Using butterfly stickers you can arrange for the find the butterfly game. Fairy themed craft activities is a great party favour for fairy parties. Little sandwiches cut into hearts, stars and other fun shapes makes them look adorable. Variety of fruits can be used for a fruit salad but the most important part is the cake. There are myriad varieties of birthday cake you can make for a fairy themed birthday party. With a bit of planning and a lot of innovation, you can definitely throw an exciting and fun filled fairy party for your kid’s birthday.