Fairy Parties – A Magical Touch to your Kid’s party

Fairy Parties have always been popular with Kids. The Fairy Parties splatters magic with its magical party themes, fairy recipes, fun games, storytelling of fairy lands, face painting, treasure hunt, imaginative costumes and much more.

All these activities will keep fairy partygoers hooked on to the party for hours, as they dance around in glittery costumes or savour fairy-wing cupcakes. An absolute entertainer and sheer fun for sure. Entertainment Emporium will manage everything from start to finish and guarantee a truly enchanting experience for everyone in the party. The one thing left to be done on your part is to just relax, enjoy and indulge in the fun.

At Entertainment Emporium, we understand how important your occasion is for you and your guests and we leave no stone unturned to provide the best Fairy Party ever. Our fairies are truly professional and specially trained with impressive background in acting and circus. Also, all of us enjoy interacting with kids and really enjoy every moment of the party. We create a wonderful world of dreams where your kids and guests can have a gala time.

We have the perfect blend of experience, skills and care required to provide customized Fairy Parties tailored to suit your group dynamics. There is also a beautiful present for the birthday child to make them feel uber-special on their birthday. For themed Fairy Parties, we invite the guests to come dressed as a fairyland character, which can be anything from being a fairy, an elf, wizard or a mermaid. Anything that impresses your imagination is welcome and we assure that we will create a world of make believe where you can realize your character. Be enchanted, while our fairies host the party together from beginning to end and present a truly magical party.