Disco Party – Brilliant Ideas for a Disco Themed Party

A disco party will definitely offer your guests a real groovy time with brilliant decoration, beautiful costumes, scrumptious food and the best music. Your disco party needs to have a unique theme which will add fun to the whole idea. You can keep the theme simple without going overboard. Entertainment Emporium specializes in kid’s birthday parties, corporate occasions, school events and various events involving kid’s entertainment. We take care of everything from the music, games, competitions to the food. You only need to sit back, relax and enjoy your disco party. Here are some of the brilliant ideas for an unforgettable disco party.

Disco party costumes: There are lot of neat ideas you can do to dress for a disco themed party. Bellbottom jeans, shirts with a peace sign, or even a Hawaiian style shirt makes great impression. Kids can dress up like their favourite pop stars and entertainers. Various accessories like glitter, face paint, dark sunglasses can also be included.

Party Invitations: With personalized disco party supplies, you can add disco party stickers, paste your kid’s photo in a disco attire, a curling ribbon and many more to make fun disco party invitations.

Disco party decorations: Disco balls and flashing lights sets the mood for a disco party. You can also scatter disco themed confetti around the floor and tables.

Disco party games and activities: You can arrange for a trivia challenge, dance contest, play jacks, disco colouring page, face painting, and various other fun games for your disco party.

Disco party food and drinks: A disco party is incomplete without chocolate fondue and cheese. You can also add other disco themed food into the mix which includes Brownies, 70s themed cake with a smiley, Pasta, Granola bars etc. Anything from coke, sprite, or Tang works well for a disco party.

With proper planning and innovative ideas you can definitely ensure a truly memorable disco party.